Building smarter communities

Member Algorithms

Understand our member, learn their passion and predict their needs.

Social Algorithms

Build communities, based on crowd wisdom.

Marketplace Algorithms

Mastering the science of products & services.

Life Events Algorithms

Getting ready for a vacation? Just moved to a new apartment? We will be there to help.

Data Platform

Build robust and powerful technologies to store, access, and compute data.

How We Do AI

Agile Research

One of the challenges of applied ML is integrating the Agile mind-set with Research-Intensive projects. We leverage our engineering experience to create an ML research process that is integrated with our Agile development cycle. We strive to deliver ML capabilities to production in a repeatable, robust and collaborative way, with all the considerations expected from any other software project.

Data at Scale

Serving real-time, personalized recommendations for millions of users and hundreds of partners is not an easy task. Doing it reliably while adapting and improving our model on a daily basis is an impressive feat. To do this, we rely on several high performance data platforms, to serve both our real-time and offline processes.

Our Technology Stack

The Data Team

Nir Boger
Registration Developer
Omri Fima
Build Breaker Extraordinare
Ortal Ilouz
I Can Boogie
Amit Goldshmidt
Head Of Data Management
Michael Kogan
Data Analyst
Ami Yamin
SW Engineer
Sarit Naiman
Product Manager
Roman Kesler
Big Data Team Leader

Open Positions