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Building Shop Your Way

Move Fast

We always ask ourselves how we improve our user's life today instead of tomorrow. We practice Continuous Deployment, AB Testing, and Gradual Rollout so we can quickly try out and iterate new ideas. We automate everything, from UI Testing to mobile app deployment, because we are super lazy, and we love experimenting with cutting edge technology to make us even faster. We test our UI with perceptual testing, we make sure our user experience is smooth by implementing resilience engineering, and continuous performance benchmarks. But even more important, we see our work change production every day.

Own It

We believe creative freedom makes a real difference, and everyone has influence, regardless of their role. This is why we call ourselves Feature Owners: We own our features, we commit to their success and are proud of our deliveries. We believe autonomy brings us power. This is why every Shop Your Way engineer is a Full-Stack Engineer, who has the skills to do everything from product ideation through Backend, Frontend & Mobile development to production deployment.

Growing & Learning

We believe that to be an informed Feature Owner, you need to continuously grow and learn, and that the best way to learn is from your fellow engineers. So we employ a buddy system and public Design Reviews to make sure we never need to take the hard decisions alone. We encourage our engineers to diverge their skills, to learn our business and new domain, which will make them better owners. We like to listen and especially to talk, so have weekly SpeakYourWay lectures to share our love of new technology. Also, our engineers regularly present at meetup conferences around the country.

Geek Your Way

We are true geeks at heart. We are passionate about what we do - and we really like sharing our passion because passion is contagious. This is why we have yearly Hackathons to incubate new ideas. This is why we organize LEGO Nights, Maker Nights and Boardgame Nights every month. And this is why we are looking for other passionate people to share with us their passion, and Geek Their Way.

The Team

Eric Rabinovich
Head Of Engineering
Nadir Albajari
DevOps Engineer
Itay Kaplan
Engineer who plays games
Koby Yakov
DevOps & Core Team Leader

We write

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